Makore, Flat CutJequitiba, Flat CutJequitiba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Flat Cut, FSCJatoba, Flat CutJatoba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC
Sapele, Flat Cut, FiguredMakore, Quartered, Figured, Broken FiddlebackSapele, Quaretered, FSCMakore, Quartered, PlainMadrona, BurlSapele, Quaretered, FiguredYewwood
Sapele, Flat Cut, FSCMahogany, CrotchMakore, Quartered, Figured, Block MottleMakore, Quartered, Figured, FiddlebackMoabi, Quartered, PlainMoabi, Quartered, FiguredMoabi, Pommele
Rosewood, MadagascarRedwood, BurlSapele, Pommele 1Bubinga, Flat CutBubinga_Quartered_Plain_2011Makore, Quartered, Figured, Large Broken FiddlebackBubinga, Quartered, Figured
Cinamora, BurlKevazingaMahogany, African, Quartered, Broken StripeMakore, Pommele, Blister FigureSapele, Pommele, 2Rosewood, East Indian, Flat CutRosewood, East Indian, Quartered
Mahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSCMahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC
Mahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC


Lighter than African Mahogany, South American Mahogany is pale pink to golden brown, with a firm texture and straight grain structure. Quarter-cut veneer exhibits a straight to plain stripe.

South American Mahogany is used in high-end furniture, office furniture, reproduction furniture, architectural panels and doors. There are architectural demands for fiddleback, very plain, pommele, mottle, etc. for doors and panels in a rich, traditional design.

African Mahogany, Makore, Sapele, Anegre (color)

Other Names:
Peruvian, Brazilian, Tabasco, Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Jamaican

Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Central America