Makore, Flat CutJequitiba, Flat CutJequitiba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Flat Cut, FSCJatoba, Flat CutJatoba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC
Sapele, Flat Cut, FiguredSapele, Quaretered, FSCMakore, Quartered, PlainMadrona, BurlSapele, Quaretered, FiguredYewwoodSapele, Flat Cut, FSC
Mahogany, CrotchMakore, Quartered, Figured, Block MottleMakore, Quartered, Figured, FiddlebackMoabi, PommeleRosewood, MadagascarRedwood, BurlSapele, Pommele 1
Bubinga, Flat CutBubinga_Quartered_Plain_2011Makore, Quartered, Figured, Large Broken FiddlebackBubinga, Quartered, FiguredCinamora, BurlKevazingaCoCo-Cognac-oak-logo
Mahogany, African, Quartered, Broken StripeMakore, Pommele, Blister FigureSapele, Pommele, 2Rosewood, East Indian, Flat CutRosewood, East Indian, Quartered
Mahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSCMahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC
Mahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC


Lighter than African Mahogany, South American Mahogany is pale pink to golden brown, with a firm texture and straight grain structure. Quarter-cut veneer exhibits a straight to plain stripe.

South American Mahogany is used in high-end furniture, office furniture, reproduction furniture, architectural panels and doors. There are architectural demands for fiddleback, very plain, pommele, mottle, etc. for doors and panels in a rich, traditional design.

African Mahogany, Makore, Sapele, Anegre (color)

Other Names:
Peruvian, Brazilian, Tabasco, Mexican, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Jamaican

Mexico, Brazil, Peru, and Central America