Makore, Flat CutJequitiba, Flat CutJequitiba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Flat Cut, FSCJatoba, Flat CutJatoba, QuarteredMahogany, South American, Quartered – available in FSC
Sapele, Flat Cut, FiguredSapele, Quaretered, FSCMakore, Quartered, PlainMadrona, BurlSapele, Quaretered, FiguredYewwoodSapele, Flat Cut, FSC
Mahogany, CrotchMakore, Quartered, Figured, Block MottleMakore, Quartered, Figured, FiddlebackMoabi, PommeleRosewood, MadagascarRedwood, BurlSapele, Pommele 1
Bubinga, Flat CutBubinga_Quartered_Plain_2011Makore, Quartered, Figured, Large Broken FiddlebackBubinga, Quartered, FiguredCinamora, BurlKevazingaCoCo-Cognac-oak-logo
Mahogany, African, Quartered, Broken StripeMakore, Pommele, Blister FigureSapele, Pommele, 2Rosewood, East Indian, Flat CutRosewood, East Indian, Quartered
Makore, Quartered, Figured, Large Broken FiddlebackMakore, Quartered, Figured, Large Broken Fiddleback
Makore, Quartered Figure, Large Broken Fiddleback


Also called African Cherry, Makore shares the light pink to deep red colors, dark red growth lines, and small pores common to Cherry. Cut on the quarter, Makore has a contrasting stripe that may interplay with a variety of figures, including this large, broken fiddleback figure.

Figured Makore is used in furniture, cabinet making, and as accent veneer for fancy inlays in high-end design. Architecturally, it is used for panels, doors, and accent strips in creative designs.

Figured Sapele, Figured African Mahogany, Figured Anegre (color), Gaboon

Other Names:
African Cherry, Baku, Cherry Mahogany

Africa Gold Coast, Nigeria