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White Ash, Flat CutMaple, CurlyMaple, Flat Cut, FSCWhite Ash, Flat Cut, FiguredBamboo LCNSBamboo LCWSBirch, White, Select, Flat Cut
Ash, White, Quartered, Figured FSCMaple, Birdseye, FSCMaple, Quilted, WesternBeech, Quartered, Steamed, FSCBeech, Quartered, FiguredMaple, Burlavodire_qtd_fig-new
Anegre, Quartered, Figured, Heavy Fiddleback, FSCAnegre, Quartered, Figured, FSCBeech, Flat Cut, Steamed, FSCLarch, Quartered, FSCPlanetree, QuarteredCherry, Flat Cut, Figured, Fiddleback, FSCCherry, Flat Cut, Figured, FSC
Anegre, Flat Cut, PlainCherry, Quartered, Figured, RopeCherry, Quartered, FSCCherry, Flat Cut, FSCAnegre, Quartered, Plain, FSCAnegre, Quartered, Figured, Broken Fiddleback, FSCPearwood, Quartered, Figured
Pearwood, Swiss, Flat Cut, FiguredPearwood, Swiss, Flat Cut, PlainTineoGaboon, Quartered, Figured, RopeBosse, Quartered, FiguredAnegre, Quartered, Figured, Block, FSCAnegre, Flat Cut, Figured
Satin Walnut, Red Gum, FSC


Hemlock is a lightweight species that works easily, similar to pine. The sapwood is nearly white, with the heartwood generally a light yellow-brown color, with straight grain and a fine texture.

Hemlock is used in various ways, including paneling, furniture and sometimes flooring.

Pine, Douglas fir

Western Canada and United States