Our Position on the Preservation of the World’s Forests

Dooge Veneers, Inc.

What’s the best way to protect the world’s forests? It’s an important, complex, and hotly debated issue.

While our industry is sometimes perceived as a primary force in deforestation, in fact, clearing land to make way for livestock grazing and agriculture accounts for 60 percent of the destruction of the world’s forest. An additional 30 percent of logs are harvested by local communities for industrial use, construction, and fuel for heating and cooking. Only two percent of woods harvested from the rain forest will find their way to the veneer and lumber industry. (source: Federal Research Center for Forestry and Forest Products).

Few people believe, as they once did, that the best way to protect tropical forests is to ban the use of tropical woods entirely. Bans and embargoes ultimately reduce the value of standing timber. And the forest brings much-needed jobs and income to millions of poor people throughout the world (source: World Wildlife Fund: High Conservation Value Forests). If we eliminate the economic value of the forest, we eliminate the economic incentives to conserve and manage forests, which will surely accelerate their destruction. Experts on all sides agree–conservation and production need to go hand in hand.

At Dooge Veneers, we believe that to ensure the long-term preservation of the world’s forests, we must:

  • Maintain the economic value in tropical forests to ensure their preservation,
  • Develop and promote responsible, sustainable forestry techniques, and
  • Establish a meaningful and universally approved program to manage and control sustainable sources of wood

We’re committed to being a part of the solution. We can’t do it alone. We believe meaningful solutions will be found when government policy-makers, conservation organizations, and industry worldwide work together to promote responsible use of the world’s forest resources.

That’s why we actively support and promote the work of organizations that are committed to finding solutions to the problems of deforestation–organizations like the Hardwood Forestry Fund, the Tropical Forest Foundation, and the Forest Stewardship Council®, that are vital to promoting sensible and responsible use of tropical woods.

We know there is no quick or simple cure for the problem. But, we hope we can lead by example by supporting programs that focus on long-term preservation, instead of plans that devalue timber and lead to alternative land use. We hope that by understanding the complex challenges that face the world’s forests, we will promote a better and broader understanding of the problem. And then, we will all be able to work more effectively–as individuals, as businesses, and as governments–toward sustainable solutions.

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